Thursday, May 05, 2005

Holga Dreams XII

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"These pictures are Realities in thesmeslves, wihtout meaning or cerebral intention. We... allowed the elementary and spontaneous to react in full freedom. Since the disposition of planes, and the proportions and colors of these planes seemed to depend purely on chance, I declared that these works, like nature, were ordered according to the laws of chance, chance being for me merely a limited part of an unfathomable raison d'etre, of an order inaccessible in its totality."
- Jean Arp

You stand in a tradition. You are a bastard child of the Dada and Surreal who believes in chance over ability and tapping into the subconscious implicit of Froidian desire for your mother. Do you take seriously the implications of nothingness? Complacency in the potent, a stagnation of nihilism, the sweetness and comfort of despair. Who are you, strange little creature dreaming a reality and imagining the existence of self?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julia, Julia Julia...I should have known...

12:26 PM  

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