Friday, February 04, 2005

Appearances deceive! Ridiculous, cold, nice, play too much, disrespectful, Lenny's exfoliant, cocoa butter, Alex and Lori's wedding, Peter's parents, armpits, cold coffee, puppies, back scratching, cigarettes, black ice, spilled water on nuts (Lenny's), blonds, movie, Henry D., guy standing in line to see Notre Musique, the Musicbox, Liz's locked car, mint coffee, bitch, the Angel, broken muffler, road shenanigans, making films, tips, mustard, friends in adjacent booth, nipples, elbows, nipple sucking, subdued, movies, ice-skating, money, massages, jobs, ink, taxes, parking, car wash, plans, surprises, food, starring, innuendos, IDs, free, love, hairline, Juli, hats, whatever, hate, love, hugs, nothing- yesterday.

Today is another story...


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