Monday, January 24, 2005

Yesterday was an unexpected surprise. My old HS friend Maryam came by and visited, after which we decided to go see a movie. Juli, A and K came along, we ended up seeing House of Flying Daggers, the latest Chinese export from the director of Hero (Zhang Yimou)). Good movie overall, I like the story tons better than Hero's, though at times the movie does suffer from that style-over-substance illness that plagues a lot of foreign, especially Asian movies. Fantastic cinematography and choreography, with good action and some decent acting.

What else? Got my parking spot which I cleaned and shoveled taken and then, despite my initial reaction, could not bring myself to do anything to the guy's car. Though he was out of state, he should know better. Son of a bitch is playing with fire by doing it in Chicago. Etiquette people, etiquette!

While watching the House of Flying Daggers tonight in a practically empty theater... two ladies decided to sit right next to us, on the seats with our coats. And as the movie gets going and the first major plot twist is revealed... lady #1 turns to lady #2 and in the loudest, best "grandma" voice says...
"Oh, My Woorrrd!!!!"


Blogger Lauren said...

Mitch, Mitch, nice to old ladies!! ;-) just kidding. you must be feeling better if you're shoveling your car out. guess what? NO SNOW HERE!! heh heh's sooo nice to be able to walk on cement... ;-)

4:49 PM  
Blogger Mircea (Mitch) said...

My word...I am nice...especially to old ladies. :-)

7:47 AM  

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