Monday, January 31, 2005

So I found out that they used to make pregnancy tests for women of size, called Fat Plus, but then it was decided that they were referring to pigs, as in the animals we eat routinely- such a disappointment. And according to Jess, "I Hate Mitch" is to be her new love and passion, a crusade for all those who hate the person known as Mitch. But it is "Friends Off" until she opens her again and admits how much of Jack Bauer she sees in me. She believes that so much, she even wrote it on my chest- in permanent marker! Though I served her some great Beefaroni Sat night!

About the crew down in Normal- words cannot describe my love for you guys- thanks Lauren for introducing me to your very awesome friends/brothers/sisters/drinkers/nazis/torturers/students/strangers/ roommates/junkgrabbers/Lisa/neighbors/townies/bouncers/Fun/short shorts/bathrooms and your nearest McDonald's. Y'all are as normal as me... except y'all have holes in those beer cups down at Da Fun... and you listen to Tom Jones you bastards!

Andy, apologies man, Jess and Lauren made me guess how old you were and put words in my mouth...u know their style: they just wanna play tick/tack/toe on your skin and use you as a human canvas for their own ritualistic games involving "diarrhea" and "shocker"! The "Brick Laying" dance move dude is brilliant...gracias amigo- will put it to good use and impress the ladies (or should I Mr. 1.5 years?)!

More innocent and heartfelt thoughts tom, 'till then "Sun-blossom" wishes all of you a great evening. And did I mention Friends Off Infinity, Jess? You guys take care of yourselves!


Blogger Ken said...

Well said, except for the friends off with Jess; and wasn't it Sun-blossom?

8:10 AM  
Blogger jess said...

It is Sun Blossom...

Mitch, you cut me real deep. I'll have to give some serious consideration to the Jack Bauer thing. I'm just not sure if you're worthy of the title that was given to you. ;)

10:19 AM  
Blogger Mircea (Mitch) said...

Ok...sun blossom... know I love ya!!!

11:12 AM  
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