Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snowstorm adventure #2. Typical Chicago blizzard includes tons of white snow, unplowed roads, stuck cars, accidents, more snow, more unplowed streets, shoveling, salt, chaos, idiot drivers, skidding, rolling overs, no parking spots, lawn chairs, umbrellas, mano-a-mano fighting for parking, crime in the name of road-rage, did I mention the bloody snow, and finally my friends and I (I stand for idiot) going out and driving all in the name of a good time. Just as expected, I had an excellent time with my peeps. J and K were great company as usual, F and P decided to call it an early night. K, thanks for driving bud, many thanks actually, and sorry about the snow in your face, though that's all I am sorry for!

And although I complain about this weather way too much, I was standing in the middle of it all this morning and it was absolutely beautiful. Quite magnificent actually: I like its quietness, the snow falling, the wind, very cold, yet beautiful! I'll make this my mantra as I shovel myself outta the snow just now. A bientot mes amis!


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