Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mind blank today. There is so much that I feel I need to say, or address perhaps, and yet my mind is left to boil as if in its own pressure cooker. Yesterday was very uneventful. It only added to the monotony and the state of idleness I've fallen pray to. Had coffee with K, and although our discussion was enlightening, I felt yet again that change within my own persona is implied (I think so), and so are my views on love, friendship and the meaning of things and people. But, knowing me, change is unlikely- perhaps spiraling down into oblivion is where I'm headed.

All right, enough daily philosophy attempted, again, Brittany, sorry to torment you with my picture taking the other night. While I did enjoy it, I also felt your pain (somewhere in my lower back, though that could have been the pushups I've been doing). And R, Happy BDay chump!

Signing off, your very own pragmatic dreamer. Laters.


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