Friday, January 21, 2005

Just when was complaining that my life was boring and uneventful, things have a way of happening. Last night and this morning was spent in the ER with my dad who had serious food poisoning and high blood pressure. Funniest thing of the night, is that I got to watch ER (the show) in the ER, while listening to the docs and nurses complain how un-real it all was. Long story short, dad is ok, finished reading Ernesto Che Guavara's Motorcycle Diaries while waiting, I need sleep, but sadly I can't get any- insomnia creeps in when my mind wanders off unfocused and sober and I start thinking of things I should (i.e., my life, career, choices, med school, jobs, President Bush, etc).

On a happier note, I found a pair of brand new, very good quality men's leather gloves on the brown line today. They were just sitting there in the empty compartment on a seat and I took them (I needed gloves anyway and these are quite nice...and they smell good, too- no joke, of men's cologne). Someone must have left them behind in a hurry, but I see it as a sign of fate :-). Thanks kind stranger!

Okey dokey, I will attempt to get some shut eye, but we'll see how far I get. Cheers to you all and a happy Friday mates.


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