Saturday, January 08, 2005

Good Saturday y'all! Hope it's as good as mine so far. Am here at work, with barely two minutes to do this, so i'll keep it short. Last night was another fine night, hanging with me peeps (beautiful Lauren, controversial Peter and adventurous Ken) at Spin. I believe we all had a fun time, I sure enjoyed myself after a few Alka Seltzers and a vodka tonic (felt like getting a cold earlier in the evening from all the sickos around me... you know who you are Ken and Peter).

That's it. That's what happened on friday. Today's schedule includes work and finding a parking spot within a 10 mile radius around my house that doesn't have lawn chairs and garbage cans in it. For those who don't know, that's how we do it in Chicago: one for one, none for all (at least when it snows). Hasta luego amigos!


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