Thursday, January 20, 2005

G'day my friends. Feel a little under the weather today. Woke up tired (though I can't sleep) and I have this cold with a sore throat that's been going around. Again, uneventful day yesterday, except for this letter and postcard I got from Amelia in Helvetia (Switzerland). She found this by the bathroom in a night club and it reminded her of me. Maybe I'll post it later on or tom, it's great. Thanks sweet Amelia, it truly made my day.

Also, worth mentioning, Gillian Anderson, aka Scully from the X-Files (and my longest ever TV crush), got married yesterday (not to me); thanks to a couple of people who emailed me with links, that made my day as well, the fact that you still remembered. That's about it. Adios for now and 'till later, peace!

Illustration by Thomas Ott Zurich


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