Thursday, January 13, 2005

G'Day friends and strangers... it's raining here today, after a day of 60 some degrees. And tom, we're supposed to go below zero. My friend Ken refered to it as Schizo weather and I have to agree...this weather is sick! Yesterday was a quiet, eneventful day. Guys and I went out to have a pint at a pub by our houses. It seemed we were all kinda blue, tired and just not in the best of moods. It was a productive discussion, cuz I personally didn't know that dreaming of a floating coffin is the worst dream you can have! Yep, topics of conversation went from women ( the must topic), music (the personal stuff), death (the fun and uplifting topic) to dreams (this is the demented one). Fun night, fun night! I joke, but it really was just a quiet one among friends with a pint of ale for company. That's it for today. Don't have much to talk about; maybe later. All be good and 'till tom.


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