Saturday, September 04, 2004

Cotton Sky

I was picking up a friend at the airport the other day and it never occured to me what an amazing place this was. I've always liked the atmosphere at O'Hare, it seems that there's always energy flowing and that people are in constant turmoil. I saw angry workers, friendly nuns, gracious passangers, kids wanting to know what they got from grandma before she was even through with the baggage claim, an upset tourist screaming at an all too funny gentleman who obviously did not understand English, tired flight attendants and finally an amazing couple, a soldier coming home to his wife, a reunion that stunned (in a good way) the entire terminal and stopped me from taking a picture. A sweetness and expectation define an airport; a sadness and hope, tears and smiles, hugs, kisses and an aroma of raw emotion scent the air. I saw hugs and cars, a blue sky and planes. All directions, all people, all emotions, in one place.


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