Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Alex and Juli

I guess there is much to say about my friends, so I'd like to NOT say it now. Yeah, it's all good for the most part and I think it all boils down to how I get sucked into friendships with many different people. I think of my friends as my second family and my life, it somewhat foolishly revolves around this concept. If you ask Juli, she'd tell you otherwise. She would tell you that she likes to be called Julia. She'd also tell you how she hates every kind of bodily fluid, tears, blood, anything. She'd also tell you how I never call when I'm supposed to. Nonetheless, I like my friends, and although the loner in me wants to get away sometimes, I can't!


Blogger spanarch said...


Are you from Romania? I know, dumb question. My husband is from Belarus. I like your picutres, mainly becuase I have never been to Chicago. You have a nice ability for photography. I dont really know much about it, btu I like to look at other people's pictures.
Keep it up.


4:22 PM  

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