Sunday, July 25, 2004


So today's Sunday and while I did wanna make some changes to my posts, content, etc... I will chicken out and do that tom (or the day after). But, from now on, Sunday will be called Portrait Sunday and it will feature one portrait, w/o special commentary, just showcasing the beauty of being human (young, adult, dead or somehow otherwise).


Blogger btezra said...

~Ie/eye love the shot; it's candid, well composed for being shot on the street and the tone is perfect...well done IMHO~

btezra from

7:42 AM  
Blogger Mircea (Mitch) said...

Thanks. I shot this while walking downtown with a friend and for the longest time thought of the guy in the shot as somewhat of an added bonus- thanks again for the commnent. Also, I have to come up with a better site to host my pics. The surrent one compresses the hell out of them. Any suggestions?

8:09 AM  

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